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Program College City Fresno Discount Student

The Florida Unique Well Identification (FLUWID) Program is a numbering system that provides a means to simplify the identification and exchange of water well information between state agencies and other interested parties. Under the program, water wells are assigned a unique alphanumeric code called the FLUWID ID (example: AAA0000). The FLUWID ID is printed on a weather-resistant adhesive tag/label and attached to a wellhead.  Th FLUWID ID which serves as a water well’s primary identification number for cross-referencing databases. The FLUWID Program is not mandated by law, but is instead voluntary to those that wish to participate. To date, approximately 150,000 wells have been tagged throughout the state.

For information on a FLUWID tagged well please contact Allan Porostovsky via email or phone: 850-245-8651.

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Program College City Fresno Discount
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